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Security & compliance

Trialflare takes a very strong stance when it comes to protecting your data - whilst also making it available to you in useful ways.

Your data is your data

All data you create and generate through trials on Trialflare is owned by you and your team; we just securely look after it for you.

At any time you can export collected data into re-usable formats (e.g. CSV, Excel). We'll look after it for as long as you need but you can choose to delete it at any time in-line with your own processes or compliance needs.

Privacy & protection

Seriously Secure Software

Trialflare makes sure that data is collated and processed in real-time as it is contributed. This makes it easy to visualise your data within the platform as well as export it directly into usable Excel workbooks.

Data is kept from unauthorised prying eyes

We encrypt data everywhere; in transit between computers and phones and our servers, between our databases, and even when it is being transmitted through our trusted private networks. It remains encrypted when we persist data to disk, including in all backups.

Role-based administration

Need to restrict staff access based on their role? Trialflare allows you to assign strict permissions to your team users to ensure they can only access and action what they need to.

Unauthorised access

Diligent Datacentres

Trialflare delivers its services through the cloud. All of our datacentres enforce the strictest security practices. So much so that the same datacentres are trusted by the likes of the US Department of Defense, Symantec, and Vodafone.

Physical security

Our datacentres are protected by strong perimiter-level security; including fencing, guards, feeds, automated detections, and more.

Security standards

Our datacentres are independently audited and are certified for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014. Trialflare itself also maintains strong personal data protections. We are registered with the ICO, have a dedicated Data Protection Officer, and are compliant with relevant regulations, such as GDPR.

Unauthorised access

Have custom compliance requirements?

We can help. Just let us know if you need your data stored in a particular geographic location, custom translations, or anything else.

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Trusted by market leaders

Industry-leading trials and research companies use Trialflare to deliver precise and actionable data.

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Your trials are safe in our hands

Our secure software and infrastructure combined with our robust internal policies ensure that information is kept securely flowing.

We're here to talk

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