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The flexible platform for getting accurate research data

Launch trials to collect meaningful and actionable information from your participants to drive product testing or as part of your research process.

Trialflare is a web and mobile platform proven to be easy and engaging for participants, whilst being quick and high value for teams and researchers.

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What types of research can I use Trialflare for?


Beauty & wellbeing products


Physical product concepts


Supplements & pharmaceutical

Lots more...

Anything that requires feedback from people

Trusted by market leaders

Industry-leading trials and research companies use Trialflare to deliver precise and actionable data.

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Easy distributed trials at scale

Use Trialflare to run anything, from simple surveys through to blinded clinical trials.

Trialflare lets you quickly set-up your trials from anywhere using your web browser. Just send out the access details to your participants and they can get started using the app or the website.

Improved compliance & engagement

Trialflare comes with lots of tools to improve participant compliance - from automated and manual push notifications through to interesting interactions that boost engagement.

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Accessible & secure

Participants can use our native mobile apps or use a web browser on their phone, tablet, or computer in order to join your trials, no matter where they are.

You can leave your trials open for everyone to join, or enhance security by creating passwords to protect your trials or by pre-registering participant IDs. Trialflare uses industry-grade security standards to safeguard your data, encrypting everywhere in transit and when at rest.

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Powerful tools that save staff time

Create custom data fields to collect using number entries, text inputs, sliders, multiple and single choice, and more. Trialflare lets you record data at a much higher precision than a manual alternative.

Clone or set recurring stages that you can open and close at any time to allow you to assess your data fields over time.

Gain quick insights into data using the trials dashboard. Export all of the data from a trial with a single click. After all, the data you collect in a trial is owned by you.

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"We are very pleased with the performance of this platform"

"In a recent study we used Trialflare to enable us to complete anonymised cognitive tests at regular intervals and to record (paperlessly) details of lifestyle changes and wellbeing metrics over a period of nine months. Via the platform, these data were efficiently and accurately captured remotely with a low level of resource commitment. Using the trials platform these anonymised data were exported using the trials platform directly into Excel enabling my team to quickly collate the information ready for subsequent analysis. Without the platform, time-consuming, manual data transfer from the source documentation, transcriptions and proof-checks would have been needed requiring substantial resource allocation. We are very pleased with the performance of this platform and look forward to opportunities to apply the system again in the future."

Dr Sue Plummer

Research Director, Cultech Limited

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And lots more...

  • Run by researchers for researchers: Trialflare is created and managed by experienced scientific researchers.
  • Quick and simple: Focus on the essentials: trials can take only a few minutes to create. Get access to data more quickly.
  • Save staff time: Save time and money by allowing your team to work on the important parts of the trial, and not mundane tasks.
  • Improved accuracy: We take the pain out of transcribing results without introducing human error. Technology allows for greater precision.
  • Versatile: Use Trialflare to run anything from simple surveys through to blinded clinical trials.
  • Run at scale from anywhere: Run trials from your office with participants from around the world.
  • Free apps: Participants can use our official apps to access your trials securely via their phones. A fully-responsive web interface is also available.
  • Engagement: Send out push notifications to your participants to remind them to take part in trial stages.
  • Technology & security: Trialflare is built using cutting-edge tech that will ensure speed and availability, as well as providing industry-grade security.

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