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Trialflare is unopinionated and flexible

This means that it can easily fit into your existing workflows and processes. Think of it as a replacement for the notepad you'd traditionally use to record data - except far more powerful and packed with features that save you time.

Manage things your way

Trialflare doesn't interfere with participant recruitment and won't dictate the types of trials you run. It is a tool designed to just "fit in".

Learn about the platform

"We managed a trial using Trialflare in Sofia. The system was accessible, easy for co-ordinators and participants to navigate and get involved with using iPads, and text was presented in the participants' first language. Data automatically synced as it was captured, allowing the research teams to directly access it without involving any extra work for our co-ordinators."

Maria Hristova

Project Leader, Comac Medical

How does it work?

Once you've planned your trial you can be up and running with Trialflare within a few minutes.

1. Set-up the trial

Name your trial and provide some useful context.

You can also provide custom conditions, which participants are asked to agree to before they can join.

Set-up inclusion/exclusion criteria questionnaires here too to pre-qualify participants before they begin.

Trial data types

2. Define your data and stages

Tell Trialflare what types of data you want to collect, and how it should be collected.

Trialflare can collect lots of different types of data - from simple number and text inputs, sliders, and multiple choice options, through to cognitive tests. Trialflare automatically keeps participants in the loop by notifying them when it's time to complete the next stage.

Here are some examples:

  • Collect body weight every day for six months
  • Run a cognitive test once a week for twelve weeks
  • Or just collect one-off data when and where you need to
Trial data types

3. Invite your participants

Participants can join via our mobile apps or through a dedicated web portal.

Share the trial details with your selected participants so they can begin contributing data. Keep in touch through push notifications, or just let Trialflare do the work for you.

Once you launch your trial you can be as hands-on (or off) as you like - even for trials spanning several months or longer.

Trial data types

4. Find your data

Analyse and segment your data.

Use Trialflare's built-in tools to view data, or download it straight into Excel.

You can also make use of the "groups" feature to segment your data to compare arms or treatments over time.

Trial data types

Did we mention security?

Trialflare takes data protection and security extremely seriously. Find out more about our approaches and compliance to security standards.

Learn more about security

Trusted by market leaders

Industry-leading trials and research companies use Trialflare to deliver precise and actionable data.

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