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A simple, yet focused approach to trial data collection and management

Trialflare is unopinionated and flexible, allowing it to fit into your existing workflows and processes.

Think of it as a replacement for the notepad or paper you'd traditionally use to record data. Except far more powerful, with features that save you and your team's time.

Trials in the cloud

Trialflare runs in the cloud, so you don't need to install anything to manage your trials - just access it using your web browser. Participants can use the web portal or our mobile apps.

Trial data

"anonymised data were exported using the trials platform directly into Excel enabling my team to quickly collate the information ready for subsequent analysis. Without the platform, time-consuming, manual data transfer from the source documentation, transcriptions and proof-checks would have been needed requiring substantial resource allocation."

Dr Sue Plummer

Research Director, Cultech Limited

Build things your way

Trialflare provides the building blocks for constructing your data collection methods. Data types can be formed from simple text and number boxes, sliders, multiple choice, or more complex inputs such as psychometric tests. Once set-up, they enable you to see how particular metrics change over time.

Set-up once, repeat a thousand times

You can schedule your stages to automatically repeat on a periodic basis, allowing you to set-up a year-long trial in under five minutes.

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Trial data types

Instant access to data

Trialflare lets you visualise your data as it arrives and export the data into re-usable formats (e.g. Excel or SPSS) at any time. Split your participant cohorts into groups to compare treatments or effects, and see this represented in the data you download.

No need for manual transcribing and validation

Transcribing and data input is prone to human errors. Trialflare data is recorded as-is, with millisecond accuracy. Your team don't need to spend the time copying and checking data, and can instead move straight into analysis - speeding up your research pipelines.

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Visualising data with charts

Push notifications

Trialflare helps to maximise participant compliance through timely push notification engagements. We'll automatically alert participants when new stages become available, and you can customise notification schedules to suit your needs.

Participant support

Tailored support

Optionally use Trialflare's messenger to keep in touch with your participants and be a point of contact wherever you are in the world.

Trialflare will automatically let you know when participants get in touch, enabling you to easily and quickly reply and provide support. We'll push-notify participants when you've replied to ensure their concerns are resolved quickly.

Automatic campaigns

Trialflare engagement campaigns can be used to build trust with your participants, through automated and customisable messages that can be automatically sent as people access the trial and complete your stages.

Cross platform & accessible

Participants can respond using our web portal on the browser on their computer, tablet, or phone, or by using our native apps for Android and iOS.

Simple interfaces

Clean simple screens don't distract participants, enabling them to respond quickly and without distractions.


We've run international trials across different languages. Get in touch to find out more about this.

Trial data types

Did we mention security?

Trialflare takes data protection and security extremely seriously. Find out more about our approaches and compliance to security standards.

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"We managed a trial using Trialflare in Sofia. The system was accessible, easy for co-ordinators and participants to navigate and get involved with using iPads, and text was presented in the participants' first language. Data automatically synced as it was captured, allowing the research teams to directly access it without involving any extra work for our co-ordinators."

Maria Hristova

Project Leader, Comac Medical

Trusted by market leaders

Industry-leading trials and research companies use Trialflare to deliver precise and actionable data.

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