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Human research in a socially distant world

The ongoing epidemic situation brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way the world - and research - works, and will likely have lasting effects once government-imposed "lockdowns" are over.

Trial paricipants and others involved in research may adopt cautious new views, particularly when it comes to travel and meeting others.

Services like Trialflare offer an alternative to some traditional research methods, since they allow research to continue without co-ordinators needing to leave their home or office, and participants can get involved safely from home without needing to travel anywhere or meet with others.

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Involved in coronavirus research?

If you're looking to collect data or run a trial as part of research into COVID-19, please let us know using the form below. Please tell us a little about your research or plans as part of your message.

We offer discounts and, where we can, free usage of the Trialflare platform for organisations carrying out this important research.

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